3 Series E90 E91 E92 E93 (2005-2013)

These Bushes Do Not Fit The M3 or X...
These Bushes Do Not Fit The M3 or X Drive (4wd) Models
PFR5-419, PFR5-421 and PFR5-423 are inserts to be used with the original bushes
PFR5-420, PFR5-422 and PFR5-1220 are complete bushes and used to replace the original bushes
PFR5-1220 increase anti squat to that of the M series, for std location of the subframe front mount use PFR5-420
PFR5-421 Inserts fit petrol models only, and do not fit Touring E91 models.
PFR5-423 Fits diesel cars and all petrol and diesel E91 Touring models.
PFR5-416-12 fits performance shock absorber which has 12mm thread
For standard shock absorbers and performance shock absorber with a 10mm thread use PFR5-416
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